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Vice Principal's Message

Anilkumar M

Vice Principal

Greetings to all,

Disciplined Thoughts, Plans and Actions are the mantras to move from being a Good school to becoming a Great school…

Complex tasks cannot be accomplished by any one person. But a TEAM can… and that is where Team TVIS comes in!!! It requires a strong commitment from students, teachers, administration, and parents. I always believe that SUCCESS is dependent upon the ability to work as a team with a systematic plan.

As per the new NEP and the changes in CBSE Academic Calendar, it is clear that there is an integral connection between Activities and Academics. The learning and reflection must be activity-oriented. It can be subject enrichment, cross-curricular or art-integrated learning.

How can we do better tomorrow, than we did today? This question has already ignited our minds and it has become a way of life at TVIS. At TVIS students’ progress will be monitored through continuous performance evaluation and through STEM, STEAM and STREAM activities which we are introducing from the academic year 2021 for all classes from KG to grade 8. It will definitely help the overall development of each child

Every student at TVIS will be given ample opportunities to participate in school, inter-school, national, and international competitions. At TVIS we will be introducing various hobby clubs to nurture the innate talents of students. We also have a lot of outbound activities in the pipeline if circumstances allow us. A proposal to start evening games for our students is also being considered. TVIS hopes to bring specialist coaches for intensive coaching in various games in the next couple of years.

The future looks very bright indeed at TVIS!!!

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