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The Primary Years Program (PYP) is designed to equip the students for a successful life, focusing on essential elements such as knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action. A concept-based and an application-oriented teaching methodology is implemented to develop independent, confident and committed students.
Emphasizing a well-rounded educational experience, the program goes beyond traditional academics, incorporating a multifaceted approach that addresses cognitive, social, emotional, and physical aspects of a child's growth. Through a dynamic curriculum, students are encouraged to explore their innate curiosity, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. The PYP places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning, allowing students to actively engage in the learning process and discover knowledge through hands-on experiences. By integrating these elements seamlessly, the school's Primary Years Program aims to lay a solid foundation for students, preparing them not only academically but also for the challenges of the ever-evolving world.

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Our Integrated primary school curriculum prepares students for:

  1. Collaborative working
  2. An in-depth understanding of concepts
  3. Separate Air-conditioned Boarding facility for boys & girls
  4. Being an active participant in the learning process
  1. Sharing perspectives with other students
  2. Developing a strong set of problem solving skills
  3. Becoming internationally minded students
  4. Having a voice and ownership of learning

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