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Parent Testimonials

The Village International School is an exceptional educational institution that has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic journeys of our children, Sam in Grade 6 and Roy in Grade 1. From the moment our family became a part of this school community, we have consistently been impressed by the institution's commitment to delivering high-quality education within a nurturing and supportive environment. The faculty and staff at The Village International School have exhibited unwavering dedication to nurturing both the academic and personal growth of our children. In addition to excelling in academic excellence, The Village International School adopts a holistic approach to education. We greatly value the diverse array of extracurricular activities offered, which have allowed both our children to explore their interests beyond the confines of the classroom. This comprehensive approach has significantly enriched their overall development. Furthermore, the school's regular updates and easy accessibility to information have enabled us to actively engage in our children's educational journeys.

Dr. Nishin K. John
Al Azhar Medical College

Parent of Sam (Grade 6) & Roy Joe Nishin (Grade 1)

I am Anu Bibin, parent of Ethan Bibin, studying in Pre-KG (Cradle) and Evan Bibin studying in Grade 3. We sent Ethan to school at the age of 3. It was hard to send him to school at this early age, but it was necessary as we are both working parents and it was difficult for the grandparents to handle his naughtiness and tantrums. Once he started going to school, I could see drastic changes in his overall behaviour. He has started to be more independent, started to wash his hands before eating, learned to eat by himself. He has stopped using diapers and started using toilet. His communication skills have improved a lot, started to speak sentences clearly. He has become more independent and patient. The school emphasizes a well-rounded education and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, ensuring that each child has opportunities to explore their interests beyond academics. So happy to see their overall development. As a parent I am so thankful to the teachers of the Nurtury. They are very caring and providing a home like feel for the kids so that they are happy to go to school.

Mrs. Anu Bibin
Branch Manager, Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB)

Parent of Ethan (Cradle) & Evan Bibin (Grade 3)

We are immensely happy to convey our gratitude to The Village International School for moulding our son and daughter into what they are today. Our hearts are overflowing with pride as we reflect on the journey our children have embarked in your school. The positive impact on their development and growth has been nothing short of remarkable. We've watched Nandha and Nirmal grow more confident, both academically and personally. We found that the TVIS Hostel provides an ambience for an all-round development of your child. The values instilled at school had played a significant role in shaping their character. The diverse opportunities and experiences provided at TVIS have broadened their horizons, helping them become more open-minded and culturally aware. The discipline they have gained at hostel is great. We are profoundly proud to be a part of the Village family.

Mr. Dominic Poonolil
Managing Director - Poonolil Silks

Parent of Nanda (Grade 12) and Nirmal Dominic (Grade 7)

I was seeking for a home away from home while looking for a boarding school for my daughter to Grade 8. Fortunately. The Village International school is where I landed up. Beyond academics, the school places a significant focus on extracurricular activities, arts, and sports. This ensures that students receive a well-rounded education and can explore their talents and interests. The entire TVIS crew is accessible and always on call, which is amazing. The school has been transformed into a true "Nurtury" by all the teachers, support personnel, hostel wardens and the management

Dr. Aiswarya Jayaram
Senior Medical Officer

Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital

The Village International School's commitment to development has had a profound impact on our children's lives. The dedication of the teachers along with the wide range of opportunities of the supportive community transformed has our children into well rounded and compassionate individuals. We are forever grateful for the nurturing environment the school provides the students. A heartfelt thanks to everyone at Team Village!

Mr. Nishad PM

Select 'n' Drive Used Trucks

As a parent, it has been a delightful experience sending our children to TVIS. We chose this school with an expectation to give them the best possible education as well as an exposure to extra curricular activities. Over the years we have seen them mature into a capable young men. The credit for their honesty, down to earth personality and overall development goes to the teachers and the wonderful set of friends that they made at TVIS.

Mr. Paul Thadikaran
Managing Director

Q7 Group of Companies

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