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Admission started for the academic year 2023 - 2024
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Nurture means, nursing, feeding, strengthening, developing.

The Nurtury of The Village International School offers an all-round development of each child. The GMS, FMS, Gustatory, Olfactory activities helps the child to improve his sensory powers like feel, touch, see and hear, through which the learning happens. Every child is born with a potential, but how fast & how much it is improved in the shortest time depends on the experiences offered to them by society.

Why do we need all kinds of activities for children to acquire concepts?

The answer is so simple, We actually learn only when we act/perform ourselves. For learning to happen, the child cannot merely listen, receive, repeat, and copy what is said or read. The child may, In the process, pick up information, acquire some knowledge and find out somethings for himself.

In addition to finding themselves in an education-focused mindset, students are typically going from a self-centred world into one where they have to interact with several other students all day. Your child will meet a number of new acquaintances. Some of these will be immediate friends, but with others, it may take time to establish relationships.

Overall, kindergarten is an exciting time for your child. Don't be surprised if they come home during the first month of school and their energy, behaviour, or desire to attend school has changed. It takes time to adjust to these drastic changes, so just hang out and experience yourself, the changes !!.

Montessori Activity Room

The purpose of Montessori education is to lay a strong foundation during the fastest learning periods of a child’s life, from birth to the age of 6.

The Nurtury provides an environment for the children to work with different Montessori materials. The exercise of practical life, Sensory materials, Language and Arithmetic materials help the child to attain and develop the concepts.


The Hippodrome

The hippodrome at the Nurtury provides a space for each child to be on the stage and perform at their own pace. The Nurtury appreciates the talents of every kid.

Sensory path way

School is not just books and work.

At the Nurtury we believe that the best learning happens outdoor. That is why, our respected Managing Director and our Principal and the Vice Principals thoughtfully have arranged the Sensory Integrated Pathway in the campus, where in our tiny tots can learn with 3E’s, Explore, Experience and Experiment.

The Sensory pathway was inaugurated by Dr Joseph Augustine, Chairman, Child Welfare Committee, Idukki.

Your Child Is in Good Hands

It's easy to worry about your child being away from you all day and being watched by someone you barely know. we do everything we can to ensure a safe, positive, and successful year for your child. In order to make this happen and turn your child into a confident learner, teamwork & co-operation will be required by all.

No matter how overwhelmed, emotional, or nervous you or your child may be, it's important to know and be confident that they're in good hands.

Have a wonderful year!