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Learning Enrichment Activities (LEA)

At The Village, we believe that learning enrichment is a vital component in broadening and extending a student's education. We offer comprehensive range of enrichment activities throughout the academic year that extends beyond the mainstream curriculum. Embracing the academic ethos of the school, our wide variety of enrichment activities are tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of our students, ensuring that they meet their academic and intellectual potential, discover or hone leadership skills and simply have lots of fun.

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The School's holistic model of education encompasses more than books, tests and classrooms. Learning-enrichment activities in academic learning, arts, sports, technology and languages are implemented as a part of our curricula to broaden the student's educational experience and develop further interests and build foundation for learning through hands-on activities that operate on a regular basis. These cross-curricular enrichment activities enhance children's creativity and build skills in critical thinking,

listening, memory, visualization and concentration through hands-on social and science experiments, academic seminars and sessions by external speakers and prominent personalities, physical education games, art projects, outdoor activities and more. More than 50 such Learning Enrichment Activities are conducted in the school throughout the academic year, which are run by a variety of external providers as well as staff here at Village.


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