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The Way Forward

The Remodeled Kindergarten Curriculum

“It takes a village to nurture a child.” This age old African proverb becomes literally and essentially true at The Village International School. Our nurtury as we lovingly call it, not only encourages our little ones to explore but also to realize who they are.

As we step into a new year, keeping in mind, the need for children to be aligned to the natural world, in order to have a healthy body and a happy mind, the curriculum has been remodeled and renamed as Happiness Curriculum.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the Happiness Curriculum at The Village international.

    The curriculum as recommended by the novel education policy is enriched by adopting the emergent literacy approach advocated by Marie Clay, a pioneer in early childhood education from New Zealand. The innovations are complimentary to the time tested Montessori Method being followed here since its inception.

  1. In the bosom of nature, our blooming buds learn the essential skills of practical and emotional wellbeing thus growing up to be world citizens.
  2. Child yoga and shallow breathing is included to promote body awareness and mental fitness in the child.
  3. Child yoga and shallow breathing is included to promote body awareness and mental fitness in the child.

As we lead more insulated lives, most of the GEN Z population is disconnected from the natural world and fail to empathize with their co habitants.

  1. At The Village, our future citizens will be going through an integrated system where lessons on caring and sharing are not limited to posters and slogans but through real life experiences.
  2. The Kindergarten in The Village will provide facility to the students to care for animals, feed them and watch them grow along with themselves.
  3. That is not all. Our students will learn to be tech savvy too, as they pace through basic coding lessons, learn to handle interactive boards and learn to handle the computer under the guidance of adults, with all safety measures in place.
  4. STEAM activities all-round the year keeps the spirit of enquiry flying sky high.
  5. At The Village, Music, dance, role play, storytelling and fine arts are not separate subjects. They are integrated as tools to develop thinking and analytical abilities. Thus music is used to teach math and dance is used to tell stories and inculcate values. Art becomes a tool for learning vocabulary and writing is becomes to tool to develop creativity.
  6. Parents are the most important pillars of support for any school system.

At The Nurtury, our parents aren’t simply stake holders. They are partners in the implementation of the happiness curriculum. The beautiful flower garden will be planted by the parents of the respective classes. Volunteering as Chief guests during assemblies to encourage the kids and taking turns to entertain them during the mom and dad sessions will make school life a bouquet of memorable moments for the tiny tots.

Khalil Gibran, the great poet rightly put into words the essence of education through this beautiful quote.

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.”

Anandam R Menon
KG Directress
The Nurtury Kindergarten & The Village International School