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From The Manager's Desk

Greetings to all,

Please accept my profound best wishes at the beginning of the new academic year.

The Academic Year 2020-21 has been a year of trials and tribulations and we as an educational institution can proudly look back at it and say that we did a wonderful job at trying to overcome the challenges because of our team work. First of all let me put on record my sincere appreciations and thanks to all the wonderful children, parents and teachers for putting up a brave fight during the pandemic to overcome the various challenges in the best possible way we could.

We are really excited to have students back in our classroom and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It has been our endeavor over the years to accord a unique experience to our students inspired by the truism “It takes a Village to raise a child”. In keeping with this principle, we have envisioned and created the facility in serene and pastoral simplicity.

As I look back, I can confidently assure you that we have been able to match the results accomplished so far with goals set by us- thanks to the steadfast support of parents like you. This School will continue to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment. . Our teachers utilize research-based best practices to set goals for both academic and holistic growth and improvement. Whether face-to-face or digital classrooms, our teachers and staff will give the best to you and your children.

We would ever be vigilant to ensure for our students, a perfect blend of curricular and extra- curricular activities, so as to create a zest in them to walk the extra mile so as to attune themselves with real life situations and predicaments that they may face in the future. Together we have to empower them to face any or all challenges in life.

I can assure you and confidently state that The Village International School would now rise above the expectations and soar high under the efficient and committed leadership of our new Principal & Academic Director, Mr. Zacharias Jacob along with his team of 4 Vice Principals. With over 35 years of experience in the field of education as Facilitator, HOD, AVP and Vice Principal at Indian School Muscat, Mr. Jacob is an educator par excellence.

I would request you to extend your sincere support to the School and the new leader in the best interest of your ward.

R.K Das
Managing Director
The Village International School