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Truly glad to be at a school that blends modernity and tradition perfectly. Its a 'Globally Relevant Village' that you have built.

Giri Balasubramanium

Pick Brain, Quiz Master

My best wishes to The Village International School. I was truly impressed by the spectacular performance of the children and training given by the teachers. May god bless all the children, teaching & non-teaching staff in the school.

K S Chithra

Playback Singer

When schools flourish, everyone flourishes. As “Friends of School”, we can definitely say that TVIS is in its flourishing stage. The tagging system (access control & monitoring) anchored all the anxious minds in a safe shore. The different activity clubs pour colours and ideas into the little minds. Hats off to the enthusiastic innovators. Periodic feedbacks taken from parents put forward a platform to express. The web based student software is doing everything in the click of a button. Overall, the ‘feel free to approach’ attitude of our dear principal adds to this. As parents of three villageons, we are happy and proud to be part of this wonderful school

Maria Therese Emmanuel & Renjith P Lukose,


The Village focuses not merely on the academic output, but the holistic development of each child. We feel extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful institution and are grateful to the Principal and teachers for the encouragement and support given to our children. Village offers high-quality, stress- free learning ambience to our children through their inquiry based curriculum that lays foundation for their overall holistic development.

Parvathy Mohan


I always knew the spirit of Kerala had taken a piece of my heart. My visit to The Village International School has shown me the spirit and energy is alive in the youngest members of the Kerala community. Thank you for such a warm welcome and sharing some wonderful moments.

David James

Former English Football Player